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How and why you should enhance your Sauce collection

How and why you should enhance your Sauce collection

Our Sauce Philosophy

Here at Vua Cua, our philosophy is simple: sauce can and should be used with every single meal! That said, don’t limit yourself to one sauce. My favorite part of having a sauce collection is the variation of uses and flavors when sauce and food come together!

For those who are building up their sauce shelf in their fridge, we have some thoughts on optimizing your collection for flavor, enjoyment and variety.

Our collection formula consists of 12 sauce: X.O Sauce, Chili Sauce, Sa Te Sauce, Butter Garlic Sauce, Cajun Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, Curry Sauce, Salted Egg Sauce, Spicy Butter Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Green Pepper Sauce.

Everyday Sauces

Everyone needs to have at least 2 to 3 everyday sauces that are versatile and can be trusted for the majority of your meals. We know everyone is different, so we created a questionnaire to match you with some sauces that are likely to be your everyday favorites.

Unique Sauces

When you discover these interesting food and sauce combinations, you have the power to blow friends' minds, introducing them to these new taste, unique, and savory flavors they have never tasted before!

Some examples of sauces that have the ability to create these new unique flavors. There are many possibilities, so it’s fun to browse and dream up unique sauce and food combinations.

Rounding out your sauce collection

While you may think you got your favorites figured out, tastes will change, especially when you're continually bringing up your tolerance for heat after using sauce on every meal. We encourage you to slide up and down the heat scale by always making sure you have a mild sauce for times you want flavor without the heat. It’s also important to have something for guests that are getting introduced to Vua Cua sauce, but might not have built their heat tolerance and  adventuresome spirit to your level yet. 

We also are big believers in lighting up your mouth to get that tingling sensation and add some sauce endorphins to your morning or late night! Make sure to always have a mild and super sauce on stock.

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