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About Us

Our Co Founder, Arthur was introduced to Vua Cua Seafood Restaurants in Saigon, Vietnam in 2017. Upon trying Vua Cua’s famous sauces with a variety of his favorite seafoods, it was hands down a “best EVER” moment.

From their signature “Salted Egg” sauce, to their fragrant “Black Peppercorn” sauce, it was by far the most flavorful and delicious seafoods he has tried. Being a “foody” is the love of food in all its forms and flavors with an open mind.

At heart our Co-Founder is a foody, but once in a long while, you’ll find that one dish that is hard to compare to other flavors... Arthur is committed to bringing the favors he fell in love with to the U.S. and share it with all of us. 

UpLyft Holdings LLC is the gatekeeper of the brand and standards of Vua Cua Vietnam. We strive to provide, deliver and preserve the wonderful taste and quality of its Sauces, Seafoods, and Services. Bringing what our Co-Founder fell in love with and his favorite flavors for everyone to enjoy!