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Made from the original tamarind juice at Vietnam, our chefs have meticulously researched and skillfully combined all the ingredients to create a complete recipe for Vua Cua Tamarind Sauce. The sauce itself carries the delicious sour taste but still leaves a clear hint of sweetness of Vietnamese tamarind. The smooth sauce would blend beautifully into all ingredients, especially crab meats, and enhance the fresh flavor of the dish.

At your home kitchen, Vua Cua tamarind sauce is considered as a versatile sauce that can be easily combined with different types of meats (seafood, pork, chicken, especially duck – duck breast), it can also be mixed and turned into a great dipping sauce as well. At Vua Cua Restaurant, the "Crab with tamarind sauce" dish has always been in our top seller list since day 1 voted by our beloved customers.

Vua Cua instant sauce is the number one option for delicious seafood dishes prepared with restaurant standard. The flavor is diverse and can be combined with most seafood ingredients from shrimp, crab, snails... Especially, the flavor is 100% from natural ingredients. The sauces are adjusted by Vua Cua chef to be closer and easier to prepare. Bring home the restaurant taste, anyone can make delicious dishes like a super chef just in 5 to 10 minutes.

What makes us stand out: Vua Cua Seafood Sauce is completely processed, no need to add seasoning, just cook with pre-prepared ingredients. The sauce is made fro, high quality ingredients,preservative-free,completely safe for health and can be frozen at home, when needed, for immediate processing.

Ingredients/Quantity: 250gr

Warming instructions: Put the sauce and water in the pot at a ratio of 2:1, continue to add the cooked ingredients and simmer until the sauce thickens.

Suggested ingredients: seafood such as crab, shrimp, snail..

Note: steamed seafood before cooking with sauce

Storage instructions:  3 days for refrigerator, and 9 months  for freezer

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‘This sauce will change your life!’ Great Vietnamese spices to transform your tired dishes