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Vua Cua Salted Egg Sauce

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Our signature Vua Cua Salted Egg sauce is made of delicious salted duck egg yolks and delicious cheese. Through our own secret recipe and processing method, these two ingredients are mixed well together to create a smooth golden yummy sauce. Vua Cua Salted Egg Sauce guarantees an addictive delicious taste that can satisfy even the most mature palette.

Crab with salted egg sauce at Vua Cua is a perfect combination between Salted Egg Sauce and super fresh crab from Ca Mau- a province in Mekong Delta which is famous for high quality crab.. The salted egg helps enhance the rich taste of fresh crab meat. Like no other similar sauce currently in the market, our salted egg sauce does not leave any fatty taste and is suitable with almost all types of seafood and noodles.

The possibility of creating new recipe and new taste now lie within your hand with Vua Cua Salted Egg Sauce.

Wait no more, experience for yourself, delicious dishes are guaranteed.

What makes us stand out: Vua Cua Seafood Sauce is completely processed, no need to add seasoning, just cook with pre-prepared ingredients. The sauce is made fro, high quality ingredients,preservative-free,completely safe for health and can be frozen at home, when needed, for immediate processing. 

Suggested ingredients: seafood such as crab, shrimp, snail.

User manual:

Option 1: Cook the sauce on medium heat until it boils, then add the main ingredients, stir until the sauce thickens and coat evenly.

Note: steamed seafood before cooking with sauce

Option 2: Put the sauce in the microwave for 2 to 4 minutes to heat up the sauce if using sauce for dipping.

This sauce goes really well with bread, as a side dish.

Ingredients/Quantity: 250gr

Warming instructions: Put the sauce and water in the pot at a ratio of 2:1, continue to add the cooked ingredients and simmer until the sauce thickens.

Storage instructions:  3 days for refrigerator, and 9 months  for freezer

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